Tuesday, May 09, 2006


caution: you may lose brain cells by subjecting yourself to the retardation below.

okay, so the best place to store your data is the internet, right? like way better than the hard drive of your computer or an external hard drive, because the internet is this thing that you can always count on to be there, and not only that but you can access it from anywhere.

but what if the internet were OBLITERATED? can you imagine all of the glorious blogs that would go down the drain? the destruction of wikipedia? horrific.

i don't get technology so i don't know for sure whether it's even possible for the internet to be obliterated, but i sense that the only way would be for the whole world to explode (in which case, of course, no one would care). but we humans don't like the thought of being completely erased from the universe without a trace -- at least i don't -- and since the internet is immaterial, humanity could be preserved in it if the physical world were obliterated. so like if we sent a ginormous server and a satellite and computer out into space, it could be like a time capsule that would stop right when the world exploded (because it would cease at that point to receive data from the people on the ground) and the aliens could find it and know everything about us. and if it turns out that there are no aliens -- though i happen to believe there are -- at least i will be able to rest easy (while alive) knowing that my beloved internet, and by extension my beloved world, will be preserved in some form in perpetuity, or at least until the universe is obliterated.

i've been thinking lately that big companies are sort of similar to the internet, not in that i think they should be preserved forever, but in that we think that by allying ourselves with them (i.e. being employed by them), we have some sort of stability in the world. but they're just as flimsy as the internet. okay, okay, in practical terms the chances of the internet being obliterated or the major company you happen to work for going under are probably pretty slim. but still, in theory, it could happen.


Blogger ndr said...


11:50 AM  
Blogger Crispin said...

Or like what about a neutron bomb? That kills all biological material without destroying anything physically. So in that case the Internet would keep going and the world would be like the cave at the end of Terminator 3: All set up for human life and occupation but with no one surviving. Unless of course the neutron bomb involves an electromagnetic pulse, in which case the electronics would be fried too.

8:12 PM  
Blogger alex said...

wow, more horrifying propositions and perhaps, in the whole earth as cave without people thing, even worse. total obliteration might be preferrable. but then again a ghostly, deserted world is a cool thought in a romantic, aesthetic sort of way.

7:30 PM  
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